simple and flexible wordpress themes

Very elegant WordPress themes for your websites

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There are many WordPress themes out there. Sometimes is hard to decide which one of them best fits the layout and design of your new website. Usually after purchasing the […]

free mobile application icons on enfew

Review: 850 free Android icons for your mobile apps

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Last week folks from Icons8 have reached out to let us know about new set of 850 free Android icons they have created for mobile application developer projects. We decided […]

best jquery plugin resources

Useful jQuery plugin collection sites with 100s of plugins

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jQuery is the popular library and is used by more than 50% of all websites online. It is extendable by plugins and there are many of them created by large […]

best 10 fee video editors online

10 FREE (and Cost-Effective) Video Production Tools

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One of the focuses of a startup company is keeping the cost down. This is why many founders have to wear different hats to sustain the operation and development of […]

ecommerce trands 2014

Trends In E-Commerce. Beginning of 2014

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eCommerce methods and practices are constantly evolving. Worldwide adoption of the Internet, smartphone devices and tablets bring plenty of ways to reinvent commerce as we know it. There are many […]

content delivery network pricing and support

Content Delivery Networks and Pricing


This is a second part of the informative guest post created by Will Vuong. We recommend you to go and read the first part about what CDN is, how they […]

What is Impress pages  CMS

What makes Impress Pages CMS different

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Big thanks goes to folks from Impress Pages team for helping with the content for this post. ImpressPages CMS is an open source content management system created for content managers […]

what are content delivery networks

How to understand Content Delivery Networks

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This is a first part of the guest post created by Will Vuong. Second part is about pricing and support. Selecting the Right CDN – What You Need to Consider […]